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Giles Curtis lives in London. He has a number of children and is the wrong side of thirty. When he's not writing, he does the sort of things that are necessary when one is blessed with multiple offspring. These include a noisy and unpleasant children's indoor adventure playground, in which he does his best not to talk to the public. You really don't want to meet some of the public. Okay, he's the wrong side of forty. Occasionally circumstances force him to build stuff, which is a very long way from being creative, although some building projects are so dull they allow the mind to wander. This aimless wandering prompts stories. It's unclear why sex is often involved. In the summer, Giles runs a holiday complex in France, where it is frequently necessary to get blind drunk with the guests. About once every three years, and when you least expect it, a guest turns out to be a complete bastard, but thankfully most are lovely. Dammit, Giles is the wrong side of fifty.

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This comes from a website called Asia Travel Tips and I have honestly never met the man....

If you enjoy English humour at its best, want a book that will crack you up and make you desperate for the next to come out, then you really should read these four books by Giles Curtis. All the books, except for Second Life, are connected in some small way, and it does help if you read them in order. Start with A Very Unchristian Retreat then read It's All About Danny before reading Looking Bloody Good, Old Boy. Having said that, it would not matter if you did read them in a different order, but there are some little jokes you will miss out on if you do. I cannot recommend these books highly enough, and my only surprise is that they do not have more stars and reviews on Amazon. I had never heard of Giles Curtis up until recently, now I can't wait for him to release a new book! Great read, and great fun.


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