The Calamitous Kidnap of Oodle the Poodle

Bryan Brizzard, a notorious bastard, and owner of short haul airline company Bryanair, hates everyone. He hates his suppliers, his employees, his passengers and his wife and children. But, Dom Hazel discovers, he really loves his poodle, Oodle. And Hazel is an animal assassin. But this time it's a kidnap and Brizzard's mansion is set in the Essex Woods where Hazel, who's trying to be faithful to Julie, finds temptation and confusion. And dogging. The plan threatens to fall apart as Hazel leaves behind more of his DNA than he intends.

"Very funny, I really do like Giles Curtis. I have read several of his books and I have yet to be disappointed. They never fail to cheer me up." - Jillyduck